Thank you for your interest in my music! My entire catalog on can be viewed at this link. Or, feel free to learn more about each piece below!

Nocturne and Kopanitsa

Awarded honorable mention in the ASTA 75th Anniversary Composition Competition, this piece couples a lyrical nocturne with a dramatic kopanitsa, the latter being an energetic dance in 11|8. This piece will be available for purchase soon!

Fanfare for The Next Chapter

This 3-minute fanfare is sure to be an exciting way to open your next concert! Written for the Chester County Concert Band (Pennsylvania), it is geared toward a more advanced ensemble with a strong brass section.

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Song of Antheia (for double woodwind quintet)

One of Aphrodite’s attendants, Antheia was a Greek goddess of flowers, gardens, and vegetation. I endeavored to capture some of her different traits as I imagined them to be: dignified and confident; intense and unrelenting; caring and beautiful. Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for me. This piece was written for the Pennsylvania Chamber Winds, who premiered it on June 6th, 2021.

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Intro Respice (for SATB choir with divisi)

Intro Respice (“Look Within”) uses text from an old Latin translation of Marcus Aurelius’ original Greek passage from his Meditations. Aurelius was a Stoic philosopher and Roman emperor who lived from 121-180 AD. The ancient text speaks to our need to look within and dig within ourselves to find and share our inner goodness with others. The piece features slow, sensitive polyphonic writing coupled with an imitative faster-paced section.

A reference recording will be available once this piece is premiered in the Spring of 2022; please check back!

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Aboard the Galleon (for Concert Band)

Aboard the Galleon depicts a voyage on a galleon, complete with the sounds of heavy rigging, rolling seas, and a thunderstorm! At least six percussionists will be required, though the parts can easily be divided and shared among a larger number of players at the director’s discretion.

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Rondo for Strings (for String Orchestra)

Based on a variant rondo form (ABACBAC), Rondo for Strings features a light and catchy dance, coupled with a lovely and expressive slower theme. There are two string quartet spots to feature your top players! The violin and cello parts feature some upper range challenges, and opportunities abound to work on hooked bowings in all parts. An optional viola part in treble clef is provided if necessary. Don’t miss this one!

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Ballad and Jig (for String Orchestra)

From lush, sweeping lyrical lines to spirited modal folk tunes, Ballad and Jig for String Orchestra offers something for everyone! This five-minute piece features solos for the first violin and cello. In addition to the standard set of parts, an alternate violin part is provided to reinforce the viola section if needed.

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Yuletide by Candlelight (for Concert Band)

Looking for something different, yet traditional for your holiday program? This piece is a collection of melodies from the rich musical tradition of the European Middle Ages and Renaissance. Included are are Coventry Carol, Make We Joy, Veni, Veni Emmanuel, and Branle de l’Officiel. Yuletide by Candlelight showcases different sections within the band, and includes some powerful tutti moments as well. Five separate percussion parts add to the festive mood of the Season!

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