The Mountain City Fiddlers

The Mountain City Fiddlers is titled after the Fiddlers Convention of 1925, which was held in Mountain City, Tennessee. The piece opens with violin and cello solos in A major, with stomping feet and clapping hands adding to the mood! All sections of the orchestra share in the fun as the numerous melodies are passed around. This piece is a great way to reinforce work on double stops!

The Mountain City Fiddlers is published by Grand Mesa Strings.

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The Koi Pond

The Koi Pond portrays visions of colorful koi fish as they gracefully glide through a garden pond! At just over 3 minutes in length, it’s sure to be a delightful addition to your next string orchestra concert program.

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English Rondo

Based on a variant rondo form (ABACBAC), English Rondo features a light and catchy dance, coupled with a lovely and expressive slower theme. There are two string quartet spots to feature your top players! The violin and cello parts feature some upper range challenges, and opportunities abound to work on hooked bowings in all parts.

English Rondo is published by Grand Mesa Strings.

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Harvest Ritual

Harvest Ritual evokes a variety of pastoral scenes from the autumn season: the hard work and joy of the harvest, the rich colors of the falling leaves, and the full harvest moon. Advancing musicians will enjoy the vibrant rhythmic passages and memorable melodies while performing in a variety of key centers and moods! 

Harvest Ritual is published by Randall Standridge Music.

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Nocturne and Kopanitsa

Awarded honorable mention in the ASTA 75th Anniversary Composition Competition, this piece couples a lyrical nocturne with a dramatic kopanitsa, the latter being an energetic dance in 11|8.

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Ballad and Jig

Singingly expressive melodies in G major allow the orchestra to focus on playing in a connected ballad style. The lively jig section of the piece features energetic and memorable melodies in E dorian and A mixolydian as well as engaging, entertaining 6/8 syncopations. Give your top players the spotlight with the included violin and cello solos!

Ballad and Jig is published by Grand Mesa Strings.

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